Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Depression and Rains

It has been raining heavily since the last few days. Today, the monsoon was especially dense in the evening. I and all senior officers of Hidco - including P.P.Datta, S.P.Kar, Gopal Ghose, S.P.Chatterjee, S. Guha, Suman Niyogy, Arup Ghosh, Debashis Banerjee and others of Hidco & NKDA - toured various parts of New Town to see where water logging had happened. We continued our inspection till 10 pm. There were 39 water pumps that have been pressed into service. Control Room has been opened in Hidco Bhavan. Water level in Bagjola Canal, Kestopur Canal, Eco Park and Ghuni Khal are being monitored. Weather report is being monitored. I hope the depression will go away soon.

Rains play havoc in outdoor works. The photos below were taken in the last few days:
Caterpiller Excavator Completely engulfed by mud:
At Banglaar Haat site. Stones were being brought to site with this machine
as no truck can enter

Amphitheatre gallery completely submerged:
How to construct up from this?
I copy the following quote from the web:

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.” 
― Vladimir Nabokov

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We had a 3 hour review meeting by Hon'ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee at Town Hall today. A photo on my mobile:

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Here are a few clippings:
Khabar 365 Din: 17th Aug

Times of India dt 18 August


  1. My first home as a kid was at Behala and I have lived with water logged streets during every monsoon of my teenage life. After I moved to NewTown, I was initially very depressed to see the water logging in front of Akankha (AA-IIC, 6th Rotary). Things improved a lot once the roads and storm drainage were constructed.
    I am not in town and I wouldn't know the extent of water-logging this time, but I definitely appreciate the steps you guys took to fix our problem two years back. I could see HIDCO team in the night supervising the workers working on the water pumps. It was assuring; and I am sure HIDCO would do a great job this year as well.

    Good luck with your initiatives!

  2. We can move ahead with a plan of toy train to the visitors of Eco-Park which run on the track where Eco-Cart runs. The same Toy train which runs in Science City. It doesn't require any railway track to run. Toy Trains can accommodate more passengers to every ages with a entry fee.

  3. Sir,
    A few days back there was a news item that stated creation of a Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation covering Bidhanagar Municipality, HIDCO Area, South Dum Dum Municipality, etc. I was interested in knowing what would happen to the building rules of New Town and Bidhannagar Municipality especially with respect to F.A.R.? We know that Bidhannagar Municipality F.A.R. are not inline with the rest of Bengal and not so favourable either. Is there a possibility that the better F.A.R. rules of New Town / HIDCO be reduced to Bidhannagar level or the two would continue parallelly in the new Corporation?

    Also, any idea when the new Corporation would be created?

  4. Sir,

    First of all I would like to thank you for your swift action regarding land allocation for world trade center.You and your team really deserve huge applaud.

    Now I would like to attract your attention to think about some long-term solution about the condition of the roads of city during every monsoon.

    During every monsoon life becomes miserable while traveling through the roads of the city with completely damaged roads along with water logging.

    Every year after the monsoon the roads get repaired , we become happy to see that and during the first few days of next years monsoon roads again become completely damaged.As the road of some important crossing gets damaged the movement of the vehicles become slower and that creates huge traffic snarl.The same thing gets repeated every year.

    I think the time has come to think about concreting our roads.I understand this require huge cost and because of the financial condition of the govt it may not be possible to do it at a large scale.But at least few key stretch of the city and some busy crossing of the city urgently need this.At least stretches which are known as freight corridor like Jessore roads and the entrance of the city like vip road and apart from that 1-2 km stretch from every important crossing should be relaid using concrete.

    Cities like Delhi/Mumbai has already started this initiative, Kolkata also should start this.This only can provide some permanent solution to this problem.
    Can we get the help of JNNURM for this ?

    Please share your thoughts about the above idea.

    1. Mastic Asphalt is a very good solution that is being increasingly adopted in Kolkata / New Town

  5. Sir,
    Talking about roads, the only approach road to and return road from Basanti Highway are in poor state. The approach road that runs along the P.C. Chandra Resort has totally broken down. Matter raised to KMDA several times and right up to CEO Level since May-June 2013 when the situation could have been saved with minor repairs. No result till date. Can you please help? KMDA recently worked on the Parama to Ruby stretch. Did not do anything on the roads in question.