Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Detroit Style Land Fill?

The second day of the innovation conference continued yesterday. In the first session chaired By Sam Pitroda, during the Q&A session, I remarked that getting landfill sites for cities was becoming increasingly difficult because land was scarce, and almost unavailable for dumping solid wastes, even after exhausting the 3 Rs (Reduce, re-use, recycle). Because of NIMBYism (Not-In-My-BackYard), nobody wanted to have a garbage dump site near one's place. So as existing sites filled up, alternatives are hard to find. For Kolkata, it is even worse, I said, because the traditional dumping stes at Dhapa were now considered East Kolkata wetlands and under Ramsar convention restrictions, could not be so used as landfill sites. I remarked that similar situtation may be faced by small countries like Singapore / Japan etc and suggested if the National Innovation Council could find some innovative technical solutions. Mr Sam Pitroda remarked that he'd seen huge mountain-like waste disposal sites in Detroit. But, according to him, it required only a little technique. Looks like, I have to enquire about the Detroit Style Landfill.
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  1. What is the actual area of eco-park? 980 acres or 480 acres? I see current ads say 480 but I faintly remember older ones say 980. Could you please clear the doubt, sir...


  2. Interestingly, the Los Angeles 20-story high landfill generates 50MW of electricity from the gas it generates !

    1. Just visited the site. Thanks for the suggestion. I will contact them for more info