Thursday, August 15, 2013

Independence Day 2013

We launched Eco Cart in Eco Park this afternoon. This was followed by a Light & Sound Fountain in Eco Children Park. We'd published few advertisements too in today's paper. Both events were drawing huge attention at the Eco Park. However, torrential rains led us to postpone the Eco Cart event by an hour. The continuing drizzle was a dampener though. Some photos:

Eco Children Park: 6.30pm, 15th Aug 2013

Eco Cart at Eco Park: 6pm, 15th Aug 2013

* * *
In the morning, I hoisted the National Flag at Hidco Bhavan, NKDA Office and Nagarayan - in that order. After that, I went to Red Road for the State Govt ceremony. Pictures:
Hidco Bhavan: 8.30am, 15th Aug 2013

NKDA, 8.45am

Nagarayan, UD Deptt: 9am
* * *
Here are two clippings from yesterday's papers:
Khabar 365



  1. Another set of good news. I am pretty sure Eco Carts are going to be popular service on the holidays and weekends and we may need to procure more of them.

    Yes a fair ground is a nice idea indeed.

    Sir, as requested to you earlier, it will be great, if we can have websites for Rabindra Tirtha as well as Eco Park and Finance Hub. I remember seeing the tenders for these long back in HIDCO website.

  2. A Golf Course !
    Mr Sen, This is wonderful news indeed. Also, there could be cycling tracks around the whole park for cycling enthusiasts.
    In addition to the Golf cart, which has limited seats, we can also have the trackless train for rides

    The idea of a fair-ground for Newtown is also very good. Keeping in mind the future population of Newtown, it should be bigger. The Salt Lake grounds seems to have become a bit small compared to the crouds during Bidhannagar Mela

  3. I have come across someone who can do a trackless train. But I am waiting to assess first the reaction to the Eco Carts just introduced.