Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 3 London: Digital Waterfall and City of UK

In the morning, I along with Rishikesh Chanda of British Dy High Commission went around various sites of London where Jason Bruges, MoU partner had made art installations. The unique point in their creative works is that these are technologically driven. Here are two pictures taken this morning at Olympic Village (near Westfield Mall) :
Digital Fountain: there is no water

L-R: Jason Bruges, me, Richard Howarth:
digital fountain
Plaque on another installation
* * *
In the afternoon, we went to the City of London and met Mr Giles French and Peter Simons, We invited the Lord Mayor of the City of London to come to BGBS 2016 on 7-8 January 2015 at Kolkata. We explained the manner in which the Kolkata Financial Hub had been progressing with almost 20 institutional investment. We also invited them to participate and also hold a workshop during that visit. They gave their version on how best to transform the Financial Hub into a bustling activity zone.

Few photos:

L-R: Giles French, me, Peter Simons
Guildhall, the 800 year old building, houses the
City of London: the Financial Centre
* * *
Few clippings:
Ajkaal dt 30 July 2015

Khabar 365 dt 29 July 2015


  1. Including the Lord Mayor of the City of London for financial hub is an extremely good decision... There they have a mayor and city office operations just for city business, economic growth and branding of city and its influence on world businesses.

  2. Indeed so. But there will be an election in November and a new one will come in. We have to invite him too then

  3. I have always wanted a waterfall in the city. :)