Saturday, July 18, 2015

Future Cities Catapult

Next Thursday, on 23rd July, a Board Meeting of Hidco has been convened.One of the issues that will be posed to the Board is about Hidco doing an MoU with Future Cities Catapult of London to do a Handholding for making New Town a Smart City. If approved, I will sign an MoU with them (subject to the approval of the government) during my visit to London on 27-30 July along with the State Govt delegation led by Hon'ble Chief Minister.
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The CNBC-TV18 carried a story on New Town turning into a smart city. A link:

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Here are two clippings, both from today's Times of India:
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Times of India dt 18 July 2015


  1. Cafe Ekante is already an established brand , thanks to your and your team's efforts. In near future, what we need is various forms of special "theme-based" food festivals in Cafe Ekante like what folks in Mainland China or Oh Calcutta does !!!

    We need more professional stewards and cooks and we need to run it in a corporate structure with monthly (increasing) sales targets every month if we want this as a revenue generating as well as employment generating initiative of Govt.

    Somewhere in ACTION AREA 3, near the IT Hub of New town ( where Unitech, DLF , TCS Sez are located and around 50,000 people work), HIDCO can plan to open another branch of Cafe Ekante (Hidco can also plan to open it in some other brand name if it wants targeting theIT Office goers).

    HIDCO can generate huge revenue from this branch from Monday to Friday due to lunches , evening snacks and dinner. If its sized big and marketed well, there will be many corporate lunches also hosted here. We will need to have some continental dishes beside Bengali food and bar facilities and need to tieup with special discounts and promotions with the ADMIN / HR department of the companies in Action Area 3. Those ADMIN / HR folks will see to that the corporate lunch and dinner venue is chosen in that restaurants and will also encourage their employees to go there.

  2. View the original video for full episode of "Digitizing India: How cities are digitizing" here: