Monday, July 6, 2015

WhatsApp Group and Web Page for Smart City, AMRUT and Housing For All

Tomorrow, 7th July, we will have a detailed interaction with 59 ULBs for the three programmes for which UD Department is the Nodal Department. The programmes are: Smart City,  AMRUT and Housing for Allby 2022 (Urban). The meeting will be held at Rabindra Tirtha, New Town.

We opened a webpage today for uploading guidelines at (click>) Smart, AMRUT and HFA .

We also opened an WhatsApps Group for interacting with all ULBs and answering common queries. Called "Misssion Director", the Group will have me and Sutanu Kar Mission Director as main administrators.  I have found from my experience as Chief Electoral Officer on 2005-2010 that on-line simple clarifications to practical doubts go a long way in making a large group grasp quickly to new ideas and concepts. Those days, my "CEO's Blog" were quite popular. But now, I have chosen WhatsApp as the quicker media that any ULB can use on their mobile freely.
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Here is a clipping:

Sanbad Pratidin dt 6 July 2015


  1. A little suggestion regarding Trams.
    I think the KMDA could actually conduct a study regarding trams i.e. where existing routes should be stopped and where new routes could be introduced. For example trams on Chitpur road should be stopped ( a lot of people will argue that). In an over crowded place like Chitpur its better to stop tram services. Instead some new routes could be started. The suburbs should also be included. As the government is looking to introduce monorail in some parts, trams can also be introduced in some areas as it is going to be much cheaper.

  2. Mr. Sen, any update on kmoma & kicc? Kmoma website is not well maintained and kicc doesn't have any web address.

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  5. And Mr. Sen, really smart initiative this is, creating a whats app group to clear all the doubts through a common forum.

  6. The initiative of AMRUT or Atal mission is a ambitious mission of Govt. of India which aims at improving quality of life and standard of living. It focuses on providing basic amenities to all people in AMRUT Cities.Hope you will like articles on AMRUT Cities