Friday, July 31, 2015

Eco Park in Brazil

Returned to India: writing this in Delhi Airport, waiting to Board the 2.15 pm flight. On checking the mailbox, I find that there is a request from a Brazilian TV Team that wants to take a video shoot in Eco Park for their show. I am, of course, happy to allow. The Brazilian TV show is called "O Mundo Segundo Os Brasileiros" (The World According to the Brazilian).
* * *
(Later, on 2 Aug afternoon):
The Brazilian photographer with us (Tirtha Sadhu, me, Partho Ghosh
and Suman Neogy) at Eco Island on Sunday 2nd Aug 2015


  1. Sir, you can ask them not only to shoot at the Eco Park, but the whole of the city. A tour guide could be engaged who will take them to the unique places in the city.

  2. Sir , great initiation and transparency. Wish you fulfil all your expectation to make Kolkata a greener and better place. We are with you. Regardd

  3. Maharashtra announces round-1 winners for smart cities to compete at next level;

    PMC and PCMC are two different corporations...they are physically adjacent...not sure how they are combined to compete as least the announcement says so.

  4. Wat about WB? Has it been officially announced, as it was supposed to be by July end?

  5. West Bengal has sent the 4 names on 27 July 2015.

  6. By collaborating with some large event management firm, can we have a big event ( like some rock concert or Bollywood Star Event) in Eco Park during this winter?

    This would give Eco Park an all-India visibility and Eco Park can make money through shootings of Bollywood films as well.