Thursday, July 30, 2015

Day 4: Royal Court of Justice

Today I, along with Rishikesh Chanda of British Deputy High Commission went to the Royal Court of Justice's new building at Rolls Building. This was commissioned in 2011 to decongest the High Court of London. We had an intensive visit of the premises that has two parts: the offices of law firms on the one hand and commercial courts, consultation rooms, court staff office and court rooms on the other hand. There are faclities for inter room video conferences as well as remote videos for witnesses etc located anywhere else. All court proceedings are audio recorded and archived with real-time annotations reg who spoke etc.In the six floors, the fourth floor is not accessible to the public as judges sit there. The ground floor has security screening facilities with x-rays and DFMDs as well as counters to file documents, pay fees etc. I inquired about the financial viability and came to know of the revenue sources: the whole matter is self sustaining. To my mind, the new premises in the New Town Financial and Legal Hub will be fashioned on this model. The preliminary EOI on financial modelling should be out within next month.
Two pictures:
With Robin Bolton of HM Courts and Tribunal

Rolls Building, Fetter Lane
London EC4A 1NL

We will start our return journey to Kolkata shortly today.


  1. Can u pls tell about their reactions to the theme city projects?? Any updates/ideas on their part?

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