Tuesday, July 28, 2015

London Day 1: Future Cities Catapult, Jason Bruges Studio, Smart Solid Waste Management Project, UKIBC Meeting

Day 1 at London was quite eventful.
* * *
In the morning, we visited a Smart Solid Waste Management Project at Wembley City. We saw how waste was dumped by citizens not on vats or dustbins but on special network-linked bins which suck away wastes using compressed air to a compacting machine and underground transfer station. A great project where using underground pipes you avoid garbage trucks from moving over the roads and no roadside dumps of course.

We decided to think of having a prto-type system in New Town Eco Park.

Few Photos:

Not vats / dustbins:
These waste collection chutes suck away anything you throw there
to an underground network of pipes and machines (see below):
Wembley, London

At underground technology station of SWM at Wembley, London
Chief Secretary Sanjay Mitra, CP Surajit Purakayastha, Transport
Secretary Alapan Bandyopadhay and Rishikesh Chanda of
Br High Commission were with me on 27 Juy 2015
In front of Transfer Station from where tracks take away sealed steel
container full of compacted waste: Clean like a hotel
* * *
A visit to Urban Innovation Centre showed us how to make the citizen at the centre of Technology Application. In one instance, they showed how a smart mobile can amplify sound cues to a blind person and help him go about a city market area. I gave a presentation, signed an MoU and exchanged MoUs in presence of Hon;ble CM, Hon'ble MoS UK, Hon'ble FM in the afternoon. Few pics:
At Urban Innovation Centre, London

Signing MoU with Future Cities Catapult for
developing New Town Kolkata into a Smart City

Exchanging MoU at FCO

* * *
At the FICCI-UKIBC meeting, there was a huge turn out and a well organised interaction, I spoke briefly about our six theme city project.
Entrance to the hall where UKIBC meet took place
* * *
Few clippings:
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Khabar 365 dt 26 July 2015
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  1. The suction system of solid waste management is very old. My father had seen it 20 years ago in Osaka, Japan as India's representative for an international training program. Worth giving it a try here.