Sunday, October 25, 2015


Today was the second and last day of bsarjan. Arrangements at Bisarjan Ghat was great, with high mast lights, sound of sanai and dhaks, multiple puja committees doing dhunuchi dance and everything going on fine like a well orchestrated event. This time we didn't build any pandel and used the almost-complete Upasana-griha as the gallery for observing the proceedings. A photo:
Upasanagriha, Bisarjan Day
Photo courtesy Jahid Khan
A view from the dais:
Dhunuchi Dance at Upasana-sthal
* * *
I came to know that a Wax Statue was used as Durga in a community puja in Kolkata. I spoke to Suman Neogy, GM, Hidco in the morning and the puja organisers Netaji Jatiya Seadal agreed to keep their idol in Mother's Wax Museum. I decided to install it at the dais near the ticket counter on 6th Floor. The lift could not be used as the size was too large. It was carried up using the staircase. A photo

Durga in Wax
  * * *
Clippings from Khabar 365 dt 25 Oct 2015

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