Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Smart Public Spaces

The first rotary near Nazrul Tirtha has a triangular raised platform which is emerging as an adda zone, a public space where evenings are a good time to network with friends. The lush green lawn and the busy traffic nearby offer a contrasting distraction to companionship. I'd noticed this and erected a back-lit billboard on Ekante Island at the reverse side of Nazrul Tirtha Bus Shelter. Now we just added free Wi Fi, a smart-city white board and a dozen or so wooden reciling chairs with colourful canvases that is proving to be a great hit. The two volunteers sitting nearby below a garden umbrella told me that the colourful easy chairs were very popular addition as street / park furniture an was leading people to ponder about Smart City New Town. Two pictures taken today:

* * *
The Ice Skating rink was inaugurated today.The artificial ice is imported from Switzerland and a Swiss representative flew in. Mr Viktor Meir of Glice Eco Skating Rink informed me that this was the first such use of Eco Rink in India while this was proving to be more annd more popular in the West. In fact, I too recalled that I'd seen such an Eco Rink in France last December.

Two camera crew from Google TV too flew in and took videos. I even signed a form declaring that I won't have copyright issues if they showed me on TV.

With my ice skates on, I spoke in the rink to Mr Viktor Meir of
of Switzerland

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