Saturday, October 3, 2015

Smart Saturday: Urban Gardening

There was a great turn-out from citizens even this week, in spite of municipal elections in neighbouring Salt Lake and Rajarhat, Many came with written suggestions. We talked at length on Urban Farming that uses coir of coconut instead of soil, translucent solar PV panels for roof-garden shed, compost of kitchen waste and recycled water to produce high-value vegetables such as cherry tomatoes. We decided to do a pilot scheme through NKDA at markets 1B and 1C.

Smart Saturday at NKDA : 3 Oct 2015

Photo of Urban Garden
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Hindustan Times dt 3 Oct 2015


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  3. Sir the urban farming is great initiative...if I am not wrong... The second photograph is of one practiced at Siddha's residential complex on rajarhat road.. It is really a great arrangement.. I have personally visited it... I must say practising that on a larger scale, and then linking them with the market..will create a new urban ecosystem to boast for...