Sunday, October 11, 2015

EOI for First Theme City

Today, Uttam City at Baruipur has been officially launched.
It is an 86 acre plot. Its theme is Wellness and Health with focus on Senior citizens. The detailed document can be seen at . e Auction will be held on 30 Nov 2015. Here is the EOI notice:

Expression of Interest,Notice
Times of India dt 11 Oct 2015
 Other than Baruipur, there will be other theme cities too that will be launched shortly. We will hold a series of roadshows, the first of which will be held on Tuesday 13th October. Here is an announcement that will appear in few Bangalore based dailies:

* * *
Asian Age dt 11 Oct 2015


  1. Sir,

    Bangalore investors will perhaps be more interested in Analytics City. We should be ready with a targeted presentation for them about the 1.5 Lakh + SW professional workforce in Kolkata (Nabadiganta & New Town) that they can tap into and the companies they work for. I would request that we invite CEOs / Founders / CFOs / CTOs of all the Software Product Companies / Startups in Bangalore to create a buzz and paint a real , real positive image of Kolkata as this would be the 1st roadshow in Bangalore in perhaps last 1 decade.

    Also I would request that we highlight the product companies in Kolkata, startups in Nascom Startup Warehouse in Kolkata as well as the analytics divison of HSBC operating in Karunamoyee so that they get attracted by the already available skilled workforce in Kolkata.

    In Bangalore, (which is the Silicon Valley of India), we should be targeting not only the builders, but send at least EMAIL invitations to they Key Persons of the major software companies in the city.

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  3. Sir,
    I think that Abhishek has made a very valid point. I really appreciate your continuous and constant efforts for the development of various projects under WBHIDCO. But I personally feel that this is the correct time to attract some major IT Giants and startups particularly to newtown area as it has been already declared as a smart city. Besides all these cities already have enough residential pockets for builders to invest in so I feel that it would be more fruitful to attract commercial activities as it will automatically drive the residential demand.

  4. On 12th October, Monday, there has been no advertisement in TOI or ET Edition of Bangalore.

    If the conference is on Tuesday, 13th October, and the advertisement happens on 13th October, the very same day itself, isnt it a bit of odd planning? People have prior schedules and appointments . Who will cancel all prior meetings and die to be there in Leela Palace , just because some representatives of WB Govt is there in Bangalore?

    In fact there should have been a newspaper AD 1 week before the Road Show and a follow-up advertisement on the day of Road Show.

    Time and again, I have requested about attracting the SW Product companies and startups in New Town. These jobs require real deep technical skills, are really nice paying, do not require land and can have a transformational impact in New Town and West Bengal economy.

    When Honble PM, Mr. Narendra Modi , himself is visiting Silicon Valley to attract more of these companies in India, perhaps in West Bengal , we feel that these jobs are not worthy enough to be even considered.

    Tragedy is nobody outside Bengal thinks in that way.