Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ideas Camp

The Ideas Camp organised at Delhi's J W Marriott was a great effort. Representatives from 100 cities assembled and experts from across India and abroad gave inputs. There was a plenary session in the morning and breakout sessions thereafter.

Few takeaways:
1. Cities are like DNAs of people. The are similar but each has a different identity
2. Strategic planning doesn't necessarily mean long term: it can also be for tomorrow, next week, next month, next year or next decade.
3. Technical solutions without citizen communication or political back-up will fail. Behavioural changes cannot happen without citizen engagement. And citizens could mean a commuter or a tourist too.
4. Smart solutions doesn't have to be technological / ICT based: it can be smarter way of doing things.
5. Pan City solutions can look at such areas which impacts a large number of goals like MDGs.
6. Management of public spaces - including smart roads - is a key component in respect od Smart solutions.
7. Regulatory changes like increasing FSI progressively as population swells (I thought of our Densification of Cities approach in New Town through Transit Oriented Development) or zero approaches (Zero Waste etc) make good impacts
8. Projects should be chosen through the 80:20 route: benefit to most (80%) with low effort / costs (20%)

Just before the plenary session started: 6 Oct 2015
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ToI dt 5 Oct 2015

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