Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Smart Puja

Today, I wrote a letter to all Puja Committees of New Town to use the festival time to engage family and friends in our effort to catapult New Town Kolkata into the future.

Here is an extract:

"   We have to make a Smart City Plan by November 2015.  We need to engage all residents, visitors, guests, tourists, their family and friends during the Sharodutsav  this year so that we can make a unique strategic plan that will catapult New Town into a future-ready international city.
I would call upon you to hold debates, quizzes and events to elicit opinion on what would make your locality a truly smart neighbourhood and what smart solutions can work in your own area.  A simple flipboard, post-it-sticky notes or even a register for comments at the Puja Pandel would be okay.  I myself would visit your “Smart New Town” camp if I get the information. And whatever you do, please upload photographs,short videos and write-ups at NKDA’s facebook ( twitter ( / e-mail ( / WhatsApp  (   + 91 78909 03729)   "

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Labanhrad Sanbad
(Top and below) Times of India dt 7 Oct 2015

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