Friday, October 30, 2015

Innovative Smartness

In the two meets with NASSCOM (yesterday) and CII (today), I made a few points to the technological community:
1. Smart real-time data collection is important. (there is no baseline data like water availability in terms of lpcd, air quality data, traffic data, accident data, citizen data etc in most ULBs)
2. Sustainability of smart solutions must be ensured by training accorded to municipal staff
3. Hard core infrastructure cannot be funded in smart city framework: only the technical layer involving ICT would mostly be encouraged.
4. Innovative-ness would be a key; the famed Indian 'juggad' must be kindled
5. Predictive solutions (maintenance alerts, waterlogging alerts etc) would be the way to look up to.
6. Citizen consultation and leadership are very important
* * *

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