Friday, December 2, 2016

Banglar Mishti Hub

Artist's impression of Mishhti Hub near Gate 3 of Eco Park 

The Board of Hidco in its meeting dated 25 November resolved to approve construction of Banglar Mishti Hub in New Town for promotion of traditional Bengali sweets with particular focus on people flying out from Kolkata.  Renowned sweet shops will be able to display and sell various types of Bangla sweets. The Board noted that many well known brands of Kolkata have shown interest in participating. But the Hub of 10 odd stores will also have space for traditional geo-tagged Bangla sweets such as Shaktigarh's Lyangcha, Bardhaman's Mihidana-Sitabhog, Krishnanagar's Sarbhaja-Sarpuria, Berhampore's Chhanabora etc.

The design was approved by the Board and tenders have been invited.
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Khabar 365 dt 2 Dec 2016

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