Thursday, December 29, 2016

NKDA Food Market near Unitech

Minister Firhad Hakim today handed over keys to hawkers who had been allotted stalls in a specially designed food plaza near Unitech. Earlier, the area was full of unplanned informal hawker stalls, covered with tarpaulin sheets of various sizes and shapes. All hawkers were rehabilitated in an aesthetic and peaceful manner. 77 stalls of various sizes have been distributed through lottery. Size ranges from 38 sq ft to 80 sq ft (51 Type A, 80 sq ft,;  6 Type B, 45 sq ft,, 20 Type C , 38 sq ft,). There are ten 450 sq ft spaces for eating and a glass front pane for showcasing products. Each shop consists of a front portion for selling, a back portion  Construction took about 2 years at a cost of Rs 3.62 crores. Stalls were allotted through a lottery among existing hawkers and no one was left out. The stalls have been allotted at a rent of Rs 4 per sq ft per month while the existing tariff in New Town is anywhere between Rs 30 to Rs 45 or more per sq ft per month.
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Millennium Post dt 29 Dec 2016

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