Thursday, December 8, 2016

Eco Park Inspection

New Hibiscus Garden in Eco Park
Today, I had a formal inspection with the entire engineering team of Hidco and PHED of Eco Park. This was solely on maintenance and repairs and upgrading: I did not discuss any new project that was ongoing except that I saw the new Hibiscus (জবা ) garden (see pic above) made by Forest Department and that I advised PHED to make few temporary urinals within 10 days to cater to increased tourists expected during the period 24Dec - 1 Jan.  I also advised opening of additional ticket counters to cope with the rush.

I'd advised Atanu Palodhi Curator Eco Park to list up the minor maintenance required at various places. We started the inspection with a loud reading of this list. Thereafter we went around the entire Eco Park in 5 Eco Carts and few dozen cycles, stopping here and there to point out objects requiring a coat of paint or a minor repair. The visit lasted 2 hours (12 noon -2pm).
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HT dt 8 Dec 2016

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