Thursday, December 15, 2016

Cycling Hub in New Town

Last Tuesday, a group of cyclists, trainers, manufacturing managers and cycle federation members met me and proposed that the area around the Eco Park could become a Cycling Hub with a bit of special inputs. A global cycle manufacturer's representative from Taiwan was also present.

The cycle enthusiasts appreciated that dedicated cycle tracks were being built in New Town near Eco Park. They considered the ring road from Eco Park's Gate 1- Wooden Bridge - Gate 6 - Gate 4 - Gate 1 to be a fine 5.50 km cycle track that was free from traffic and could be made suitable for professional cycle coaching with slight modifications like removing a few bumps etc. The inner pathway within the Eco Park around the lake would also be very useful for a 2.5 km cycling track. They mentioned that cycle as a sport is mostly done in mornings while the Eco Park opens in the afternoon and as such there would be no conflicts.

I added that cycle tracks were being constructed in Action Area 1 too, that we'd commissioned IIT to make a DPR for a public sharing scheme and that duo-cycling had been proved very popular in Eco Park. The DPR provides for intermittent rain shelters on the cycle tracks and manned kiosks for selling flowers, magazines and tea would be attached to public cycle stations so that the kiosk owner could also take are of the cycles in the sharing station.

The cycling federation also suggested that a velodrome may be built along with the proposed indoor stadium (planned near the deer park of Eco Park) for giving the sports an edge. I have asked Arup Ghosh , GM, Hidco to study the drawing given by them.
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