Tuesday, December 6, 2016

NGO Meet on Snehodiya

Networking Meeting with NGOs : Sujoy Chanda Jt CP (KP), CP Bdn Gyanwant Singh, me, A K Patnaik, Sutanu Ghosh: on dias
(Photo courtesy Krittibas Nayek)

As decided earlier ( see http://principalsecretarysblog.blogspot.in/2016/11/snehodiya-senior-citizen-habitat.html ) we had a meeting with NGOs dealing with Senior Citizens including Dignity Foundation, Helpage India, Support Elders, Vivekananda Ramkrishna Mission, CMIG, Women Interlink Foundation, All Bengal Women Union etc and also Gyanwant Sigh IPS Commissioner of Police Bidhannagar (who are running Saanjhbati Programme), Sujoy Chanda IPS Jt CP Kolkata Police (who are running  Pronam). Architects Pace Consultants gave a presentation and there was a great brainstorming session. Key takeaways were : Try separate toilet cubicles or, better, single occupancy rooms; use staff trained to deal with elders; tie up with hospital for emergency care; keep standby ambulance; keep medical help handy etc. I agreed to many of the suggestions.
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Millennium Post dt 6 Dec 2016

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