Friday, December 9, 2016

Japanese Workshop

Day before yesterday, last Wednesday, two Japanese experts Mr Takatoshi Arai, Professional Engineer and Ms. Kanako Katayama, Urban Environment Expert, met me and visited Japanese Garden at Eco Park to discuss about the visit in 24-26 Dec 2016 of Prof Makoto Suzuki, Professor of Landscape Architecture Science at Tokyo Unversity of Agriculture, President of the Academic Society of Japanese Garden, Chairman of the academic committee ofthe Institute of Landscape Architecture, and Tatsuya Hosono. They also took photos at Japanese Garden. The workshop will be for the Japanese Garden in the making - which we propose to open in January as per revised schedule - as also for methods used in maintenance. Architects, Engineers as well as supervisors and staff will be invited as participants

I visited the Japanese Garden today and took this photo on my iPhone:
Colourful lions guarding gate of Japanese Garden
* * *
Salt Lake Telegraph dt 9 Dec 2016
Khabar 365 dt 9Dec 2016

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