Sunday, December 4, 2016

Central Park Frontage

Salt Lake Central Park Frontage Beautification Scheme
Few days ago, I along with engineers of UD Diraj Dhar, Special Engineer and others inspected the front portion of Central Park, Salt Lake. The Park is maintained by UD's engineering wing at Nirman Bhavan and is very extensively used especially in winter. Sabala Mela is going on now and just before that there was CII's Travel and Tourism Fair. In fact all dates till February are booked and some notable users every year, other than the ones already mentioned, include Bidhannagar Mela, Saras Mela, Rathyatra, Rabindra Jayanti and many more. But of late, there is a felt need of upgrading the infrastructure. So now a scheme has been drawn up by UD Engineers and a Detailed Project Report is just ready. After budget provisioning, tenders will be invited.
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Khabar 365 dt 4 Dec 2016

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