Thursday, May 4, 2017

Bike Taxi reviewed

Yesterday, I invited both the Bike Taxi operators (K Bike Taxi and One Man Taxi) and reviewed various aspects. For K Bike Taxi, after the initial fortnight, about 1,400 rides had taken place. Availability of qualified women bike taxi drivers was a problem: there weren't any at the moment but expected soon.  There was a demand for some few bike taxi stands and after discussions we agreed that NKDA would build bike taxi sheds at first rotary (opp bus stand on Nazrul Tirtha stand), near Pride Hotel crossing, near bus shed at Narkelbagan, near Alia University bus stand, opposite City Centre 2 and opposite Axis Mall. But both operators wanted the jurisdiction extended to a larger area. Today I wrote formally to the transport department recommending that the bike taxis could ply in Sector 5 too.

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