Sunday, May 28, 2017

NKDA to Paint Jaisalmir Yellow

Yesterday the NKDA Board met. It approved a proposal of requesting residents to allow their building facades facing the Sonar Kella Park at BA Block to be repainted in Jaisalmir Yellow to make the Sonar Kella Park more aligned to the theme of the park.

Facades of buildings to be repainted by NKDA with Jaisalmir Yellow.
(Pic taken on inauguration day)

A request letter from NKDA would soon go to this effect. The buildings and facades have been identified and a budgetary estimate has also been framed. The park is on 3.65 acres of land between streets 110 and 146. The paintings would be done at NKDA's expense but only if all the owners agree to co-operate and permit.

Plans are also being drawn up for making a mini desert near the camels, a replica of Sonar Kella Gate, the desert railway station from the movie and several memories from the legend of Sonar Kella.
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Dainik Statesman dt 27 May 2017
Millennium Post dt 28 May 2017

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