Friday, May 12, 2017

Meeting with Stakeholders and NGOs to be held at Sector 5

With the co-ordination of the Sector 5 Stakeholders' Association of Nabadiganta, and with especial initiative by Anidya, I held a very effective meeting yesterday at Nabadiganta with  seven NGOs who would partner with NDITA to work in Sector 5 towards a green and sustainable development. Anindya has sent a summary minutes, which is given below (slightly edited). We are planning to invite all property owners of Street 13 (Wipro More to Ring Road / Godrej Waterside)  and the NGOs in a round table discussion on 25th May 2017.

Organization Proposal
NDITA Feedback
Ad My Bin
They would provide free smart bins along with advertising opportunity on bins. 
No ads on bins would be allowed. Asked to come up with an incentive system to encourage use of bins. However NDITA is interested in smart bins concept
Awareness & collection of e-waste from corporates in Sector V
Hulladek can come up with a payment process to procure e-waste. E-waste collection centres in Sec V which can maintained by Hulladek might be examined.
Green Legion
Awareness on composting and waste segregation 
Green Legion can tie-up with wholesalers to purchase broken cables, broken classes. A weekly truck can visit buildings in Sec V to collect waste
Nature Mates
Biodiversity awareness & conservation on terraces and vacant patches in association with corporates. Awareness at Wetland areas
Property owners can take charge of the green stretches along their property. A board mentioning “ Property of NDITA & Maintained by ABC” can be allowed. No advertisements.
Heavy corporate campaign for segregation of waste. Training of municipal ward boys with gears for waste recycling.
Rainwater harvesting.
Recycling can be undertaken only when it is purchased from people. Rainwater harvesting can be done but not for ground water recharge. Terraces can be used for rain water harvesting
Earth Day Network
With focus on low carbon lifestyle - use of solar energy can be popularized. LED bulbs for roadside hawkers in Sec V
EDN could come up with sensors that switch off computers when not in use for long , or like Rajarhat has sensors for street light use. NDITA suggested if EDN can act as intelligent partner to different shops/retail outlets for implementation of LED
Green for Life Foundation
Awareness, segregation, collection and recycling of waste and produce products. Tree plantation on patches or stretches.
Green for Life should come a with an incentive scheme for people from whom they collect Waste. Free file covers in turn for the waste plastic collected.

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