Monday, May 8, 2017

Nazrul Tirtha 3: Pre-opening trial

We started today our celebration of Tagore Month today with the free screening of Kabuliwala at Nazrul Tirtha 3. This is a special hall that was rapidly assembled so that we could offer free screening to New Town residents without cutting down on commercial shows in Hall 1 (Bahubali2, awesome, the Sholey of this era !) or Bisarjan (and Galaxy etc). I was surprised to see the hall almost full and I mentioned that this room would be used for documentaries, short films, retrospectives, previews, good films that don't get release in box offices as well as film appreciation courses, film based events etc. We hope to complete the auditorium within a month from now and then it would be formally launched. I am already getting few feedbacks requesting for rental costs and the number of seats (would be 70-80)
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Millennium Post dt 8 May 2017

Millennium Post dt 8 May 2017

Ebela dt 8 May 2017

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