Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Biswa Banga Gate : Construction on

Almost 24 hours of continuous work is progressing on the erection of the viewer gallery ring number one of Biswa Banga Gate. Works started at 10 pm yesterday and I along with Chief Engineer and GM(Engg) were there at site till midnight yesterday when after traffic block, the supporting steel frames were positioned using 'Hydra' cranes and tower crane. Today morning the huge 60 ton structure was lifted by 10 am but 5-6 hours and five cranes worked together to position the curved structure at the correct height and correct angle. Heavy stormy wind stopped the work for 2 hours and all workers and fitters were taken off the suspended steel-and-glass monolith. Welding of 7x2 ie, seven junctions at each of the two pillars started in the evening and is likely to continue throughout the night. The welded junctions need 12-14 hours to cool and gain the strength. I will go the the site at 10 am tomorrow with Chief Engineer to review the updated work plan for the other 60 ton arc-shaped steel structure
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Millennium Post dt 9 May 2017
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