Saturday, May 13, 2017

New Enquiry Counter of Hidco

The reception Counter of Hidco Bhavan is located at the first floor lobby. So visitors have to be screened by the gate security once, and again at the reception counter. Many just wish to know brief information, others wish to give letters. Someone may want to meet an officer and it may happen that he is not there, but even then he has to go inside, cross security at gate, walk several steps to Hidco Bhavan lobby and then queue up to the reception to be told about the officer's absence .

This also poses a security problem, as happened in not too long ago, hundreds of people entered in small groups at the reception lobby and then raised slogans.

So, to help alleviate visitors' problems, the Reception (here called Enquiry and Information) now faces the main road's footpath/ service road. It is air conditioned inside and has a ramp as well as a short staircase at the outside. No trees were cut during construction.

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Millenium Post dt 13 May 2017

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