Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Heat and Construction

Administrative Building of NKDA
Last Monday, in course of the routine weekly site visit of teh new Administrative Building of NKDA now being built near Rabindra Tirtha, the workers omplained that day time sun was so hot that by mid-day work was getting almost impossible to do, that the steel rods were becoming so hot that one couldn't even touch it, let alone do work. So we decided to shorten daytime work-time and instead introduce evening-time works upto midnight. Today I received a photo from Sandip Ganguly, Executive Engineer NKDA confirming that late night works were in full swing:

Night shift works ongoing
NKDA is now housed in 3 buildings and work is increasing day by day. Introduction of Property tax will make more demands on office space. The works are being done by EIL, a Central PSU. The phase 1 will consist of a Basement, a Ground level car park and four stories. The foundation is however capable of supporting 10 floors and the building can be expanded upwards in future.
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Dainik Statesman dt 10 May 2017
Khabar 365 dt 10 May 2017

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