Sunday, July 23, 2017

Combating the rains

Concreting deck slab with rain shelter for overbridge, yesterday

Bagjola Pumps at Jatragachi operating in full speed

We have mobilised all our engineering team members from Hidco, NKDA and PHED to  keep round the clock vigil in the rainy season. NKDA is putting teams to clear off plastics etc from drainage outlets. PHED is keeping an eye on the drainage pumping stations that are being operated on full steam. HIDCO is keeping in touch with Irrigation Department for keeping the level of Bagjola Canal under danger level. HIDCO engineers have also set up a temporary shed over the road overbridge at Jatragachi to enable concrete deck slab casting to be done without the rains hampering the works. Simultaneosly, we are monitoring the level of water in Eco Park lake so that it does not spill over to the gardens (yesterday's level was 1.2m while the maximum allowed is 1.9m). By operating the Jatragachhi pumps (see pic above), the level of the outlet canal of Eco Park is kept low so that the Lake water can be drained away when the level begins to rise. We have also identified few potholes that have occurred on the roads and engineers are waiting for a short dry spell when patchworks can be completed.
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Millennium Post dt 23 July 2017

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