Saturday, July 22, 2017

Toto, Telecom and Gitabitan

Toto-based branding in New Town
Totos are economical and green (no CO2 emissions). So these are being used by NKDA / HIDCO to raise awareness for dengue prevention. In addition, regularly teams are visiting houses to make residents aware that water should not be allowed to accumulate on outdoors, to clean their internal drains and tanks and use mosquito nets. Fumigation teams use fogging machines while spray teams pump larva-killing liquids on canal banks and lake banks. A special leaflet composed by the consultant of NKDA is being distributed.
* * *
Meeting after site visit at IT Park Bolpur yesterday
In order to exhibit the existing infrastructure at the IT Park Bolpur, I held a special joint inspection-cum-discussion with telecom operators (Reliance Jio, Vodafone, Airtel) at the IT Park at Bolpur. I explained that plug-and-play modules at most affordable rates were ready for allotment for contact centres, back office operations and assembly of hardware. They said they would take the issue with their management and revert.

Director NIELT was also there and was happy to see the infrastructure at the IT Park. He agreed to discuss with me next week in Kolkata.

I also held meeting with Webel, SDO and District Administration pointing out that one has to reach out to the Financial Sector (Mutual Fund, Stock, Bond dealers), On-line Handicraft market, On-line immersive tourism, as well as colleges to see how the IT Park can help them in start-ups.
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I reviewed the progress of Gitabitan Project and took action for the forthcoming launch of first phase of 54 plots on 25th July.
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