Sunday, July 9, 2017

Third Large Mechanical Sweeper for New Town

Last Friday, 7th July 2017, near Rabindra Tirtha
The third mechanical sweeping machine was pressed into service by NKDA last week. With this, there will be a dedicated machine for each of Action Areas 1,2 and 3. Each is fitted with GPS trackers for easy monitoring. Each has been given a weekly schedule and each morning while setting out for work, the driver of the sweeping machine would know the day's programme in advance. This way, a uniform cleaning schedule is to be maintained. It may be mentioned that the optimum speed for the cleaning is 4 kmph. Thus one lane, one way cleaning of the MAR in AA3 (ie Rabindra Tirtha to Arts Acre) would take 2-3 hours. And there are 6 lanes in this road.

The machines can sweep using their rotating steel brushes, can wipe with water jets, can vacuum clean with its flat nozzles and can hold 6 tons of garbage in its sealed tanker integrated on its chasis. The difference in level of cleanliness on any road after a few weeks is quite amazing.
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Times of India dt 9 July 2017

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