Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Garden of Seven Senses

Close to Pencha More, in Action Area 2D, opposite to Eco Park, a three acre plot of land is identified for building a Garden of Senses, a garden that will help children to use all their senses for proper physical and mental growth, co-ordination and perception.

A design competition was invited by NKDA and a selection committee was formed with Chief Architect NKDA, Chief Planner Hidco and Chief Engineer NKDA. A series of presentations, discussions, and analysis later, the committee has decided to entrust the design to Aninda Basu and Associates, who came out first in the competition that was based on the QCBS (Quality cum Cost Based Selection) process.

The Garden of senses would have zones that enable not only the the five senses to be used by children but also that of proprioception (our sense of position) and of vestibularness (our sense of balance and movement ). Thus there would be eye gallery, nose gallery, ear gallery  etc and also vestibular gallery and proprioception gallery.
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Bartaman dt 4th July 2017

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