Saturday, July 1, 2017

Second Water ATM inaugurated: Construction Toilets

Second Water ATM Commissioned at Eco Park

RO + UV mechanism

Tata Steel's Nest-in has sponsored the second Water ATM in Eco Park. They did the finacing and construction. It is a demonstration project. It was opened this afternoon near spot of Seven Wonders in presence of Ms Chithra Sharma, Mr Anand and Eco Park / Hidco officers. A 2 rupee coin ensures a litre of chilled pure water. Bottles have to be brought in.

I mentioned that we could instal a few such machines in Sector 5 and New Town with some modifications (less cross section, as pavement space is scarce). They also make steel quick-fabricable toilets and I mentioned that in NKDA we have recently resolved that when someone comes to get a sanction of the building plan, he will also have to show provision made for workers' toilets in the plot till such time that internal toilets are not built. The toilets could be connected to the sewerage network but will have to be removed - and maybe used elsewhere in another construction plot - before CC is issued.  I advised them to try to harness this new market created.
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