Thursday, May 6, 2010

Meeting with Kumari Selja, Union Minister

We got a taste of security arrangements at the Parliament when we went to meet Hon'ble Union Minister HUPA with our Hon'ble MIC. Secy MA was also with us. Even the MIC was photographed at the Reception and we two tagged along. His photo appeared on each TV monitor as we progressed farther.
Union Minister talked about the importance of RAY in the context of rural-urban push and pull factors. She called for sustained innovations. I ventured to suggest about dormitory for workers on a time sharing basis.
Union Minister also spoke of the importance of adopting whole-slum approaches. MIC requested for a one-time exception for our state.
* * *
We also met Union Revenue Secretary Mr Sunil Mitra in the context of the land port at Fulbari. I met, later, the MD CONCOR in the context of the perishable cargo complex at Bagdogra.
* * *
Blogging now on the new HP Mini + Tata Photon at Delhi Airport. Returning tonight to Kolkata. Flight is two hours away.
- Debashis Sen

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