Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Blog Site

I've decided to shift the blog location from the collaborative website to this google site to give easy access to all to comment. I'd maintained Blog Sites when I was CEO West Bengal (CEO's Blog) and MD, WBPDCL (MD's Blog). Primarily these are meant for officers and employees of the government.
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I went to see the Baruipur Township Project yesterday. It is being planned on a 500 acre plot. Having dealt with the New Town, Rajarhat Project in 2000-2002, I was reminded of all the issues that need attention: periphery canal, storm water drainage, OMC & Proctor Density, Pre-work on grid, site office, earth availability, labour co-operatives and other issues.
I told them to erect a sign board.
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Debashis Sen


  1. I am Chandan Das, from Ganashakti.
    what are the roles of the political parties there(baruipur? How you handle the issue of land aquisition?

  2. Dear Mr Das,
    The land there is already in possession of KMDA. So at present there are no issues on that. Water availability, however, is turning out to be a concern.

  3. Sir link of your blog on Urban development website lands the viewer on your first blog, not on your latest posting. For a long time, I thought you had posted only one blog.

    I shall be taking charge soon; DM ma'am has asked me to wait for her order that she shall be issuing based on the Urban Development department circular.

    Anurag Srivastava

  4. Anurag: The link has since been rectified. Thanks for pointing out.
    ..Let me know once you take charge of JDA