Monday, April 29, 2013

Annual Action Plan for NGRBA

Writing this in Delhi Airport. Had meeting with Secretary MoEF, GoI and World Bank. All states have to step up implementation speed. Changes in framework is being contemplated. Functioning of State Program Management Group in West Bengal was appreciated but will have to be expanded further. I pleaded for more autonomy to the SPMG for quicker project implementation. An annual action plan of Rs 177 cr was approved for West Bengal. A special mission for riverfront development  is likely to be deployed by the World Bank to help Hoogly River Development.
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Here is a cutting from today's Times of India:

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And here is a cutting from today's Anandabazar:


  1. Your name will go down in the history as one of those IAS officers who really really went out of the way to bring central funds.

  2. Sir, Thank you for taking so many initiative to develop the WB. We need more leader like you who are tech savy, forward thinking and making remarkable contribution for progressing the state to bring it on par with other develpoed places. Its will be generating many employment oppertunities, change life of millions of common people and bring back business to Bengal.

  3. Thank you, both, for extending your support. Yes, we are all working hard, as hard as we can

  4. Sir, a very good innovative idea.....please go ahead.....

    Sir, is it possible to explore an "Apple Garden" as well like Sonmarg of Kashmir adjacent to the proposed "Tea Garden" near Children's Park.....whether 3 acres of available land can be shared; say, 2 acres for "Tea Garden" and 1 acre for "Apple Garden".....

  5. Sir, excellent ideas..... i have no words but applaud at the way the you have made things so reachable to common people and at same time carried out the course of work so innovatively.....!
    I am sending you a link of a youtube video posted by someone. Do view it .... I believe it can influence you in the building of the new link of New Town to the city main.....I don't mean to construct a township in the wetlands...but when there is a possibility of a elevated corridor, why not built an iconic bridge for viewing and may be a little recreation?

    1. @Aritra: Just saw the YouTube video. Amazing what people puts up in YouTube ! Getting some ideas too.

  6. “Grape Garden” or Anguri Bagh is made of soil from Kashmir to grow the grapes inside Agra fort.It never worked out as the grape taste was sour, and Mughal king did not like the outcome.

    Our history school teacher told us this story with tag line "Khuda ke upar khuda gari".

    I believe in ET park people would like the geometric pattern and green tea trees and some people would surely throw caustic comments on the taste of the tea.The purpose should be written and explained with different context.

  7. Sir,
    Today (05.05.13) TOI has reported the NGRBA sanction from Central Govt. & World Bank. I have gone through the article and interestingly recalled the past. Once I have made a great mistake in my student life- I wrote an essay on 'NETAJI' without mentioning his name Sri Subhash Chandra Bose. Our teacher scolded me.

    TOI has reported the news in a 2 columns and 16.5 cm length, with every details. Most significant that they didn't take your name any where in this news. It is same to my essay writing. This is today's media. As a reader of TOI, I hate this news/ journalism. The notorious people's names are printed several times, but they didn't named Mr. Debashis Sen behind the project. As a reader of your blog, a very few people came to know the fact, but others?

    Again we believe- works make a man great, not his name.

  8. as a faculty of bidhan chandra krishi viswavidyalaya, i welcome the initiative to develop a tea garden here at our university farm at gayespur(nadia0,there is a tea garden.everything is fine except the flavour that can't be easily added due to some reasons.
    Dr. Tapas Mandal, Associate professor, BCKV