Sunday, April 28, 2013

Receiving Centre in Finance Centre

Today afternoon I inspected the Finance Centre Building, opposite Eco Park, in New Town. Counters are being set up for receiving complaints. Here is a pic:
* * *
Lopamudra Mitra gave a great performance in Rabindra Tirtha today. Here is a pic:
Lopamudra singing Benimadhab, Tore Ritmajare, Momo Chitte
at Rabindra Tirtha on 28th Ap Sunday evening


  1. Abu Dhabi tries to set up a new finance hub from scratch though neighbouring Dubai is already a big financial hub.

    Can we try thinking of something really innovative like tax breaks and foreign ownership to quickly grow New Town financial hub? We need to have a compelling reason for the foreign banks to set up large offices in New Town finance hub.

    May be we need to think beyond suggestions of IL&FS to grow big. Also I felt this is the ripe time to make another road show in Bombay (last time we were trying to sell a greenfield venture and now 9 companies have already taken up land) and may be also in Singapore.

    Also construction work for the iconic building in finance hub needs to start fast.

    Also if Mr James Bear is not willing to take up the responsibility, we need some other international personality to sell the new town finance hub in Singapore, Dubai, London and obviously in New York.

  2. Sir, any updates on the websites for Rabindra Tirtha, Finance hub and Eco Park?

    In this age finance hub is hard to sell without a modern website of its own.

    Also, how can a person know about the upcoming events in Rabindra Tirtha as well as Eco Park?
    We cant expect a person from outside New Town to visit Rabindra Tirtha to enquire and buy tickets.

  3. Sir,
    It is a good news seen in the Anandabajar Patrika @page 10 about the Tea Garden & Tea Bar at Ecopark. More important that our teachers of Bidhan Chandra Krishi Viswavidyalaya (I studied there)is behind this project. Hope the Tea Garden & Tea Bar will be another attraction of the Skyscraper New Town.

  4. It is really a great thing that the inspection of financial center have been done. I too have inspected many financial centers when I was in the auditing section during my tenure.
    --Moises Maionica