Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sangeet Mela in Rabindra Tirtha and Prakriti Tirtha

Sangeet Mela 2013 will be observed on 6-13 April by the Govt of West Bengal at various venues in Kolkata. The inaugural ceremony will be held on 6th April at Netaji Indoor Stadium. During 7-12 April, festival will spread out to many venues: Rabindra Tirtha and Prakriti Tirtha (Eco-Park) will also be the venues.
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The new VIP lift in Nagarayan was made operational today. I was asked to cut a ribbon. A picture:

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Here is a clipping from Ekdin dt 28 March that I came across today:

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  1. লন্ডনের সঙ্গে তাল মেলাতে শহরে নামছে ৮৪টি কিয়স্ক .....We probably should start this with the food stalls beside Writers Building.....It will be symbolic and will bring focus to Govt's determination to change things which everybody thought never going to change....