Sunday, March 31, 2013

Monsoon Preparations

With a little bit of shower yesterday, we decided to review the monsoon preparations against flooding. The main storm water - ie surface run off water - of New Town comes through the Ghuni Pas Canal. It starts from near the City Centre II location and comes to discharge the inflow into Bagjola canal near Action Area I. However, during peak monsoon, the water level in Bagjola rises above that of the Ghuni Canal and so huge pumps have to be installed to pump out the water from Ghuni Canal to Bagjola Canal. Here is a picture of the construction site that engineers hope to finish before the onset of monsoons:

* * *
The Children Eco Park was made open to public yesterday as scheduled. Hundreds of people and children visited it on the very first day.
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Here is a clipping from today's Times of India:


  1. Its really fantastic to see such a pro-active step by administration for monsoon. Sincerely hope that the project gets over by early June.

    Also it would be great Sir, if you can sync up with the appropriate authorities for desilting of Kestopur and Bagjola canals. I am not sure but as far as I know irrigation department people should be involved in this.

  2. Also if Bagjola canal is desilted, we can prevent flooding in AA-3 in New Town.

  3. Sir, did the board meeting happened on 28th March? Do you have any updates to share?

    Also , 15th April deadline for financial hub is nearing fast. It will be great Sir, if you can share some updates related to that...

  4. A big step forward:
    Cabinet clears the proposal that will:
    *allow the NKDA to function as a municipality
    *collect property tax from the residents and will also provide civic amenities to them
    *acquire 5.76 acres of land at Chakpachuria mouza in Rajarhat New Town for development of civic amenities like roads, sewerage and drainage and water supply.(land was already in the possession of Hidco)

    1. I could not get what the reporter tried to can a piece of land be in possession of HIDCO without acquisition?