Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cherry Blossoms of Kolkata

I remember having seen a movie once of the Japan Cherry Blossom Festival. Only for a few days, the trees turn a magnificent pink as they come into bloom. Some enthusiasts camp at the foothill of Mount Fiji, trying to catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view of pink cherry blossoms against the snow capped volcano.
The Cherry Blossom festival in Japan begins with the spring equinox. Today is the Spring Equinox (21st March). I spoke to Saurabh Chaudhury, Conservator of Forest this morning and came to know that the trees with the magnificent pink bloom that I have been seeing in the last few days on the road divider median near Hidco Bhavan are called Tabebuia Rosea.
As one passed the second rotary from Salt Lake side and drove along the main road towards Hidco Bhavan, one could enjoy a great sight. The tabebuia trees that are lined along the median road divider had all bloomed profusely just few days ago. Not one but many trees bloomed almost synchronously. From a distance, the full pink blooming trees looked similar to cherry blossom trees.  I searched the web and discovered that the tabebuia trees in Malaysia are often regarded as Cherry Blossoms of Malaysia. I think we too can call these trees Cherry Blossoms of Kolkata.
Here are a few pictures taken today. The prime is past - the full bloom lasted only two or three days and now only a fraction of the flowers are there. I missed capturing the photo when the trees were in peak flowering time: how dazzling a display it was! Must remember next year.


  1. it must have been a great view.
    i want to draw your kind attention to the beatification being done in AA IIC (akankha more) and near DLF II. trees are being planted near akankha more, but if we do this after summer, just before the rainy season, survival chances will be more. can we please do this during rainy season?

    also, at the road leading to akankha/highland woods, slabs used at the road divider being replaced 3rd time less than a year, first it was stone slabs, then concrete slabs, now with taller concrete slabs. this simply wastage of public money.

  2. For you sir,

    Cherry Blossom at its peak.

  3. I am amazed seeing this photo. I am in Tokyo for for more than 1 year. I saw sakura (cherry blossoms is called sakura in Japan) in Tokyo for last two years. I am excited to see cherry blossom in my City as well. Eager to see it. Thanks for this news.

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