Saturday, March 23, 2013

Zorbing Trial in Eco Park

Yesterday, Mr Neil Law & others did a trial run of Zorbing and Kayaking in Eco Park. A class 10 student participated in the Zorbing trial and was thrilled at the experience. We plan to start the activities on 27th March afternoon: the day of Basanta-Utsav. Here is a photo:
Zorbing from 27th March
Inset: Kayak trial
 * * *
Here is a clipping from Khabar365:

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  1. Sir,

    Now with so many activities inside Eco Park, can we publish the amount of employment generated through Eco Park. I think if we include food park, ticket counters, cleaning agencies ...the number is going to be 100+. This is like a mini-industry and we should say this to media.

    Also a long-pending citizens' demand? Can we think of garbage bins all across New Town? This has started happening in Bangalore. You may take a look at the 2 year old video: