Friday, March 1, 2013

New Routes for Hidco Buses

On my personal request, Transport Department has issued route permits in the following two routes:
1. Balaka Abasan - Rabindra Tirtha - Eco Park - City CentreII - Airport
2. Eco Space - Tata Health Centre - Rabindra Tirtha - NKDA - Technopolis - Ultadanga
There will be bus terminus at a point near Balaka Abasan in AA-1D and near Eco Space, behind it. These two would form a backbone of a transport solution for connecting New Town to the Kolkata grid. Hidco Buses would operate in these two routes.

New routes have also been created by Transport Department for buses that will terminate at Eco Park. Let us see when these start plying. Meanwwhile, Asish Thakur, MD WBSTC tells me that his corporation will run weekend buses terminating / starting  at Eco Park.
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For the coming weekend, here is a clipping from Times of India:
"Plan your weekend now"
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Here is a picture of inauguration of Street no. 4444:
And a cutting from today's Khabar 365 Din:


  1. Sir, street 4444 is yet to be updated in Google maps along with other roads in AA-2.

    1. Sir, is street 4444 running parallel to road 676.
      You had mentioned about road 676 in your post

  2. Saw this notice.

    So...what are the things are we specifying through this land usage map? All these mouzas will predominantly have agricultural land now and in a few years may be most of them will get converted to residential land as pvt builders will start their projects in these areas.

    Are we specifying the road width, underground sewerage network requirement, drinking water supply requirements etc in case these areas start having somewhat planned settlement ( beside the existing village settlement )?