Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mechanical Aids for Construction

Yesterday, I along with Hidco's team of engineers, visited the site of TCS's IT Construction zone where construction work is going over a 40 acre plot of New Town. I wanted to know the project management tools and mechanical tools used by the private sector. Some of the elements that I liked were (1) Web Camera to monitor construction site from control room (2) a special software that recognises engineering drawings, convert these to 3D to see that conflicts and fouls don't takke place among utilities (3) threading of steel rods, like water pipes, to make columns (4) mechanical pile breakers (5) table-top shuttering (6) use of curing compound (7) "alufox" cladding for columns (8) hydraulic pile drivers and (9) modern workers' sheds and conference room at site.
Here is a picture:
Alufax and Table-top shuttering: speedy work tools
* * *
Here is a clipping from today's Ekdin:


  1. Dear Sir,

    we work at DLF II and construction work for TCS has made our life misserable. truck loads of mud/sands are being carried out and good portion of it falls on the roads and condition is such that one can not breath. Can you please do something about this? Also the road near to the site has been barricated and trucks are passing though the DLF II side. this is also creating major hassles.

    Another issue, we are facing here at DLF II a nd at Akankha (AA IIC area), after sunset locality is getting flooded with mosquitoes with very large quantities. this was not there last year but this year this is a major issue and if HIDCO or NKDA does not proper action like cleaning the canals, swerage pits, or does some kind of vector control, this year we are going to have major dengu/malaria cases.
    pl look into this on urgent basis.

    1. I requested TCS management to do something about it. NKDA will soon take up mosquito elimination programme

  2. dear Sir,

    when i shifted from jadavpur to AA IIC, bus on route 103 was first introduced, then route 101. but for some unknown reason 101/103 are being withdrawan from this route. as a result, people leaving near City center 2 or AA IIC, have to be dependent on buses coming from Bally or Barasat, Dankuni, which are fully loaded during office hours. to travel short distance with newtown, it is next to impossible to get into these buses. also link to south calcutta is effected due to unavailability of 101/103 buses.

    can you if we can reintroduce these buses. Also, we don't have any buses going to towards ultadanga or howrah from newtown via chinar park/VIP.

    1. Are these operational now?
      I also read about plan for buses starting from Sunrise-Akankha-Hiland junction to VIP More and Saltlake...hope those materialize in near future...
      For office goers, AC buses with advance monthly passes or daily passes (very popular in cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore) may make some predefined routes with fixed schedules more viable to start with with committed earnings.