Saturday, March 30, 2013

Herbal and Ayurvedic Garden in Eco Park

A 3 acre site has been earmarked for a Herbal and Ayurvedic garden in Eco-Park of New Town. Already there is a tropical rain forest where the plants are a year old. Adjacent to this zone, the Herbal & Ayurvedic Garden will be set up. The Govt Ayurvedic College in Kolkata will be making the garden, which will be used for its own students as well as for the visitors to the Eco Park. There are also plans for setting up a demonstration cum sales counter from which genuine herbal products will be available for purchase.
 * * *
The Special Engineer, UD is taking steps to construct a G+13 office complex for use of state government offices in Kolkata. Architectural plans have been drawn up. Administrative approval was accorded last week. Here is a clipping from today's Times of India on this subject:


  1. Ayurvedic Garden is a fantastic concept. If we can market this well, demonstration cum sales counter can attract a lot of foreigners. There is a lot of hype related to ayurveda in western world. Again, it depends on the amount of marketing, we can do.

  2. Was a bit of surprised about the G+13 structure of SGO Complex. I hope that the ground floor will be reserved for parking....Will 1 level of parking be enough?

    Already after implementation of 6th Pay commission recommendations, salaries in govt departments have increased substantially. 7th pay commission will happen in a few years from now. Number of govt employees coming to office in private vehicles is bound to increase. On top of that , visitors will also be there in this huge complex, who will need to park their cars?

    I really doubt, if 1 level of car parking is a futuristic design.