Friday, March 8, 2013

Graffiti Workshop Starts at Eco Park

Earliy in the morning today, 15 young and talented artists came over to Eco Park to start a workshop on wall art at Eco Park. Painter Suvaprasanna introduced the artists and inaugurated the workshop. A picture:
9 am, 8th March: Graffiti Paint Workshop
at Eco Park
The atmosphere was festive. The artists were eager. Engineers and officers of Hidco had done a great job of organising the whole matter - bringing in the artists, creating the workplace, getting litres of paint and brushes,  painting the wall with off-white paints as a backdrop - and the tea etc.
* * *
Yesterday, I met a team of 4 Senators of France who had come to Kolkata. They were a part of a "France-India" Friendship Group" of the French Senate. We talked of Urban Development, Food Processing, Foreign Direct Investment, French Cuisine, Tax and legal framework, Land Monetisation, Co-operative farming and other things.
Here is a picture of our breakfast meeting yesterday:
L to R: Consul General F Etienne; President of Friendship group
Senator F Marc, Ms V Letard Senator, Ms P Schillinger Senator,
Mr G Cesar, Senator, Me 
I told them of my ENA days in France (2003-04) and they were delighted to speak in French to me and I followed what they said (to a great extent) but my replies were in English mixed with un peu francais.
Here is a cutting from today's Ei Samay on Eco Park:

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