Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Art Street

When I was doing my Public Administration study in ENA, France, I often used to walk by the Seine, from Notre Dam Church onward.  The streets there used to remind me of College Street footpath stalls but instead of books, there were paintings, posters, post cards, portraits and art of various kinds. There were the occasional coffee stalls, people looking and few buying art but artists working on paper, canvas and a host of other materials.
When we were concluding the art workshop yesterday, I thought of creating a little Art Street around the brilliant pictures now adorning the graffiti walls of Eco Park. I discussed with the engineers, dug out the Master Plan and chalked out a blueprint.
Here are two clippings from today's papers:
Times of India 


  1. Road dividers could also be designed in very different way. Like near the Zoo the divider can have frescoes or statues of different animals.
    Some dividers can be made to look like the facade of several well known buildings like the Victoria Memorial or they could look like the wonderful bridges that we have i.e. the Howrah Bridge and so on. The dividers could be painted with tribal art, or sculptures could be made. Many things could be done. All these will give the city an unique look. As there is no dearth of artists in W.B.. So, there will be no problem in creating this type of things, more over many will get some work.

  2. True, but dividers are prone to automobile exhaust exposure. So much so that fresh paints don't last more than 3 months or so. Many curb stones were repainted last Nov-Dec, and already most are a dull grey.