Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Building Expert of KMC to be NKDA Member

Yesterday, the state government issued a notification appointing Shri Anindyo Karforma, Director General of Buildings Department of Kolkata Municipal Corporation to be a member of New Kolkata Development Authority. He will also be designated as the chief of the Building Committee of NKDA. His vast experience with KMC is expected to bring in professionalism in New Town as well. This assumes greater significance since in the hinterland of New Town too, NKDA building rules will prevail over panchayat rules for all big buildings.
I spoke to Shri Karforma yesterday and welcomed him to NKDA.
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Here is a clipping from today's Pratidin:


  1. This is a very very good move.

    But Sir, I have 2 questions here:

    1. Why are we sticking to building rules only for big buildings? Even for small buildings, KMC has stringent rules about how much space one has to leave along all the 4 sides of the building. I have visited many cities in India and found that KMC rules is one of the most progressive. Otherwise we will end up having thousands of buildings with very little space for light and air flowing between them as house owners will tend to utilize the maximum plot area and will not tend to leave open space.

    There are very few areas where KMC can claim to be a good planner and executer and building planning dept is one of them. Lets have the same stuff in New Town Neighbourhood areas as well.

    Also HIDCO will make good money by approving if all building need to get approved by HIDCO.

    2. I had a look at LUMR Notice.

    Map in the pdf does not have names of the mouzas listed listed under KLC police station though the mouzas have been covered in the map .
    This is a bit strange.

    Also anybody can visualize in next 2-3 years that agricultural land in all the mouzas will be converted to residential and these mouzas are going to be dotted with not only highrises but also lots of villa projects and plotting projects. One of the most prominent villa and plotting project that you will be able to recall is "Vedic Village".

    Sir, is HIDCO thinking anything about these plotting projects and villa / row-house projects? We should specify a minimum road width to be developed by the builders in these townships as well as other civic amenities like underground sewerage system , parks / playgrounds, swimming pools, pavements, tar/concrete road etc.

    Otherwise 5-6 years down the line, HIDCO will need to take the burden of providing these things like underground sewerage systems etc.

    Also if the roads are minimum 30-40 feet wide, that will give a consistent look and feel in the neighbouring areas along with New Town and HIDCO can offload the task of constructing these tarred roads on the developers of the townships thus relieving itself of the financial burden. These roads will not only be for people in the township but also for general public.

  2. In Bangalore, any township ( plots / villas) above a certain size ( I think above 2 acres), built by developers , has to get approved by Bangalore Development Authority ( BDA).

    BDA charges a fee and specify a certain road width, pavement width, % of open area for parks, swimming pools etc and approves the plan only if the rules are adhered to.

    The roads developed in these projects can be later used by general public as well and BDA is relieved from developing infrastructure in that land mass.

    Since we are not allowing dangling telephone and electric cables in New Town, HIDCO can also specify that township developers will need to deliver underground electric and telephone cabling.

  3. Had a look at the Golf Cart Tender.

    Are we planning to develop a mini golf course in New Town? That will be a great development in that case.

    Or is this for maintaining the other areas?

    1. We have been receiving some feedback that few senior citizens or small children are facing difficulty in walking the entire stretch. So we are thinking of having non-polluting battery carts to help them. It will also be used for surveillance and maintenance.

  4. Sir, did we touch some new heights for land prices in the auction of plots for which last date of application is today?

  5. I think all the suggestion given above are really nice.

    One more thing we can do to stop this mushrooming of project outside New Town, is to all the willingly farmers those who want to sell there land, should be welcomed by Hidco. Hidco can put a notice. The land owner can get a nice amount for selling there land and other benefits.

    In this case Hidco can grow the New Town

    1. Thanks Sandipan.

      Now, Sandipan....there is a catch here. HIDCO may not be willing to pay what farmer is demanding and builders will be willing to pay more always and this will get a flavor of forcible land acquisition and current state govt is strictly against that.

      Lets not restrict private sector but have a strict guideline which the private sector builders and developers will have to adhere to.

      As I pointed out earlier, these guidelines should not be only related to buildings above a certain height but also related to road size, pavement, underground sewerage, parks as well as individual houses and villas.

  6. Respected Sir.
    while the work culture is better in NKDA offices. I am surprised that after submitting the papers for passing the building plan at premises no- 11/281 Action area 1
    35 days are passed but no clearence from the authorities although 2 queries are answered.

    would you do something sir.
    with regards
    D.Gangopadhyay ( chairman. katha kao co op. housing society)