Sunday, April 7, 2013

Film Appreciation on weekend 19-20-21 April

Yesterday, I was holding a meeting with representatives of various housing enclaves of New Town. This was basically in the context of celebrating Poila Baisakh and organising a Citizen Meet in New town. In course of the discussions, the matter of having cultural coaching in Rabindra Tirtha was raised as, according to the lady making the point, getting individual dance / music teachers was getting increasingly tough / costly. I mentioned that we can try, now that we have a permanent Curator for Rabindra Tirtha. Indeed, I mentioned that in the Poila Boisakh week's Friday itself, a 3-day Film Appreciation course would be organised at Rabindra Tirtha in association with the Satyajit Roy Film and Television Institute. Both classical and contemporary films would be screened and discussed by eminent professors, with discourses on the language, aesthetics and form of cinema. Last date of application will be 14th April, Details are available in websites of HIDCO and SRFTI


  1. Having music and dance teching organization at Rabindra tirtha will be a very good move. Childern and interested people will join and benifit from the evening and weekend classses in an organised school with mutiple choice.

  2. Replies
    1. Sir,

      I was taking a look at your recent blog posts. 7 out of the last 8 posts are related to either Eco Park or Rabindra Tirtha.

      I am not telling that we are not interested in them. But we also look for updates in the following things:

      1. Finance Hub ( till now HIDCO website says last day for application for plots is 15th April and I hope we do not need to postpone it further)

      2. JNNURM projects ( Both existing and fresh proposals)
      3. Monorail, LRT and PRT in New Town
      4. Development related to Raghunathpur and Durgapur-Raghunathpur Road.
      5. Underpass at Chinar Park
      6. 59 storey iconic building in Finance Hub.
      7. Alternate connection to South Kolkata from New Town

  3. yes Sir. We dont get any updates or news on progress of projects or developments in infrastructure, etc.. on a regular basis from the newspapers or news and what we get is usually distorted news. So we look up to your blog eagerly for getting the real news on the infrastructure and project front.